Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with SCRUM methodics?

Currently we prefer AGILE, as it’s always very hard to estimate the final price for an excellent website.

Which PHP frameworks do you support?

Our team has an excellent knowledge with following frameworks / content management systems:

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • ModX
  • CakePHP

Check our smarterer profile for details http://smarterer.com/leftcurlybracket

What exactly does afterwards payment means to you?

To provide an excellent relationship with our customers, we mainly prefer to invoice after work or an chapter is done. If you are not satisfied with the work done we revert our changes and you don’t have to pay us at all. Current invoice period is 40 hours as for new companies and 80 hours for long term relationship.

How can we invoice?

We are a legal company set in European Union

What’s your PPH billing?

Our PPH starts from 40$ per hour for basic skills and up to 100$ for proffessional

What about NDA?

NDA stands for non-disclosure agreement. We don’t prefer any long agreements, but we assure that we never put any work made in outsourcing into our portfolio.

What are you skills?

We are experts in OO PHP 5.6 and in top 20% of Java Developers (according to Elance). We use Html5, CSS3 and javascripts everyday, building our sites. We have a small knowledge about ASP, C# and Python. You can browse our public github.

So what about quality of service?

Well, that’s your choice. We can choice economic and fast workflow including later debug or slower, quality pixel-perfect quality code perfectly sticking to all coding guidelines

Would you make all my tasks? Do you give long term guaranty?

Well, we would try to. Although as Internet evolves everyday, we can’t guarantee that integrations made today will work with all api’s and browsers in future. Anyway, we comment the code as much as we can, use version controlling and strict to the framework standards, so even if you won’t like to hire our team anymore you can use any other devs for changing our code.

Is your work well documented then?

Well, yes. We use a lot of comments and we can deliver ApiGen documentation for every of our project

What are your work hours?

Some of us prefer to wake up later, some finish their work before 2pm. We ensure, that we are available almost 24 hours per day including weekends.

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