Thank’s to the Hypemedia teamwork we managed to discover very dangerous bug in IWD_ProductLabel 1.4.0 plugin.
The module adds modal on admin pages with some not unique ids like `size`. Because of that, mass attributes update marking attributes not to update via javascript could get unblocked targeting wrong id=”size” node while having one of the following on the store: bg, size, color and padding specified in app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/productlabel/modal.phtml

The solution to fix it can be very simple. Seems that these IWD productlabel ids are used only to target input for label properly so change them to stay different that any attribute used in your shop.
Here’s the sample git diff:

<label for="bg">Bg color</label>
<input id="bg" class=" input-text" name="text" type="text" value="" />
<p class="note"></p>
<label for="iwd_productlabel_bg">Bg color</label>
<input id="&quot;<br" class=" input-text" name="text" type="text" value="" /> 

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